Club Rules

Last Updated: 2022-Jan-16

1. Membership of the club shall be open to persons aged twelve years and over. 

The annual subscription shall be £40 A student rate of £10 will apply to those aged 12 to 18 years whose 19th birthday
falls after 1st June.

For the purposes of Club management, only persons duly elected to the committee and those resident within eight miles of Saffron Walden shall have a right of vote at the AGM.

 2. Membership is strictly non- transferable.

3. A committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary plus seven ordinary members shall manage the affairs of the club. The officials shall be elected annually at the AGM. Ordinary members shall be
elected at the AGM and serve for two years. The committee may co-opt members for a specific purpose. Committee members claim reasonable expenses incurred on club business.

4. The Committee may make, alter or revoke such regulations as they consider necessary for the management of the Club provided that they are in accordance with club rules.

5. The Committee may, at its discretion, cancel suspend or limit the membership of members not complying with club rules.

6. The Committee may appoint up to twelve persons as bailiffs, who shall be appointed annually for one season. Bailiffs will be issued with a card and shall have authority to take possession of the club card of any member infringing club rules or regulations. Bailiffs shall be answerable to the committee at all times. Committee members shall be ex-official bailiffs.

7. Members must be in possession of their club card and EA rod licence at all times at club fisheries. EA bye-laws to be observed as club rules.

8.The club card and Environment Agency rod licence must be produced on demand if requested by a club bailiff or any other member on production of their own licence and permit. This is to verify the EA licence and proof of identity. Failure to provide either will lead to expulsion from the fishery. By becoming a club member (includes day ticket holders) you agree to be bound by the club rules and regulations as per this handbook. It is the member’s responsibility to read and comply in full.

9. Members shall at all times remain within club water boundaries and show the utmost respect for landowners’ property. Any persons found causing damage to any buildings, gates, fences, shrubs and trees, etc. shall be liable to immediate expulsion and withdrawal of

10. Dogs, guns, radios and fires (except as part of and official working party) are prohibited on all club fisheries.

11. Night fishing at Whittlesford and Bordeaux is only available to members of the Night Fishing Group. No other members may be on the fishery before dawn or later than dusk.

12. All the fish caught on club fisheries are to be returned unharmed.

13. Members may not take to any club waters, plastic or paper bags, plastic or glass bottles, tin cans of any description or other materials other than bone fide bait boxes, lunch boxes or Thermos Flasks.

14. No person shall leave any rubbish of any description. All members will be held responsible for any rubbish in or adjacent to any swim thy may choose to fish.

15. Members are requested to report to the committee any persons seen causing damage, leaving rubbish or infringing any club rules or regulations.

16. Day tickets for members’ guests are available at the rate of one per member per day on application to the secretary or any club card outlet at £5/day. Members must accompany their guests and are responsible for them at all times.
The Club is empowered to sell day tickets to casual visitors on the bank at Little Thetford or on the Old West. Day tickets are not available on the bank at any other club fishery.

17. Standard Membership permits two children under the age of twelve to fish with the member.

18. No alteration shall be made to any Club Rule except by a majority vote of senior members at the AGM. Notice of proposed alterations must be lodged with the Secretary at least fourteen days before the AGM.

19. Members must show their Club Cards when attending the AGM.

20. If a committee member resigns or is absent for three consecutive meetings without the consent of the committee, his seat shall be declared vacant. In the case of an official, the vacancy shall be filled by a committee member, in the case of an ordinary member the
vacancy shall be filled by co-option.

21.The Committee shall have the power to limit total membership according to fisheries available at any particular time.

22. Trustees (a) Appointed trustees of the Club are Messrs N. Roberts, R Phillips and P Mottram. Subsequent appointment of trustees
shall be by Committee.

(b) Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by a resolution of the committee.

(c) All property of the Club shall be vested in the trustees to be dealt with by them as the committee by resolution so direct.

(d) The trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the club against any risk and expenses incurred by them in pursuance of their office.

23. All Club rules, bye laws and regulations heretofore in force are hereby revoked.


1.Members must use the notified entrances and parking areas at club fisheries and keep to the water’s edge and must not trespass on adjoining land. Any person seen trespassing or leaving litter will be banned from the club.

2. Fish must be weighed where caught and not carried along the bank.

3. Pre- baiting is prohibited on all club still waters. Ground bait is prohibited at Bordeaux Up to 1 Kg of ground bait may be used at Whittlesford Pit.

4. Boilies, nuts and other carp baits must only be used as hook bait. The use of cat and dog meat is strictly forbidden.

5. Keepnets must be at least 2.0 metres long by 0.5 metres diameter, and of knot less mesh.

6. At Bordeaux Pit no fish exceeding 5lb. to be retained in keep nets or sacks. At Whittlesford Pit no fish exceeding 10lb. to be retained in keep nets or sacks. Any fish larger must be immediately returned.

7. No rods to be left unattended; anglers must be within 10 metres. No more than two rods to be used.

8. Members and their guests are expected to show consideration to others at all times and avoid unnecessary noise and disturbance.

9. Seven days’ notice of the closure of a water will normally be given where possible.

10. Pike fishing is banned at Bordeaux pit.

11. Members may not hold any unofficial competitions on club waters without the consent of the Committee.

12. All hooks larger than and inclusive of size 14, must be barbless on all club still water fisheries.

13. All persons fishing for carp must use an unhooking mat.

14. Gates at Bordeaux and Whittlesford must be kept closed and locked at all terms. Failure to ensure security may result in termination of membership.

15. Members are reminded that any swim they choose to fish does not give them the right to fish across to opposite or adjacent swims to preclude other members from fishing those areas.

16. All club competitions will take place in the spirit of the published Angling Trust rules.

Rules for club competitions are contained and updated on the club website. To protect fish stocks at Bordeaux any carp taken in a match of 2lb. will be witnessed and returned immediately. The captor awarded 2lb in weight. At Whittlesford any fish over 10lb will be witnessed and returned immediately. The captor awarded 10lb in weight.

12. Lost or badly damaged club cards will be replaced at a cost of £5.

Uncoated braid hookengths and braided mainlines are now banned from all club still-waters.

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