Sunday 23rd May – Jay Lake (Rookery Waters) – Winter League Round 6

Match Result 1st Place – Roger Phillips – 109lb 14oz 2nd Place – Fred Hunt – 69lb 11oz 3rd Place – Mark Roscoe – 60lb 15oz

Well the weather definitely knows when SWAC go fishing as it’s determined to throw everything at us! Today we battled the rain and wind that made presenting a bait hard work.

Roger Phillips drew peg 32, started hard over on the mudline for a couple of small F1s then the wind really started blowing making fishing over impossible. Mixing between short pole and margin Roger managed 109lb 14oz for first place.

Fred Hunt drew peg 47, Fred rotated three lines to weigh in 69lb 11oz to take second place.

Mark Roscoe drew peg 30 and was lucky enough to be just enough out of the wind to fish the far bank. Mark mainly fished the mudline and had a couple in the margin to weigh in 60lb 15oz for third place.

Running results

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