Match Result – Sunday 5th June – Ashdon – Goldstone Fishery

1st Place – Roger Phillips – 161lb 9oz

2nd Place – Craig Griffiths- 97lb 3oz

3rd Place – Adam Salter – 77lb 14oz

Today SWAC travelled the short distance to

Goldstone fishery. We’ve had a really lucky day with only a bit of light drizzle (not the heavy showers forecasted)

Roger was handed peg 12, after 25 minutes things were not going to plan with only a small Rudd and a small F1 in the net. Slowly Roger managed to get a few long on the pole then went shallow and finished off in the edge to weigh in 161lb 9oz for first.

Craig Griffith drew peg 23 and caught steady on short pole, then switching to the feeder for some quick bites then back on the pole before finishing in the edge. Craig weighed 97lb 3oz for second.

Adam Salter drew his usual peg 1 (we should put a name plaque on the peg for him) Adam started on short pole then went on the feeder while priming his shallow line then finished off in his margin.

Adam weighed 77lb 14oz for third place!

Next matches

15th June – Wednesday Inter-club match vs Bishop Stortford at Hall Farm.

19th June – Bordeaux Pit (Silvers and F1s)

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