Match Result – Frazer’s Lake – 25 September

1st Place – Roger Phillips – 479lb 12oz (NEW LAKE RECORD!!)

2nd Place – Samuel Robinson – 151lb 3oz

3rd Place – Stuart Bradford – 114lb 7oz

SWAC travelled to Frazers fishery for the first time today and with the last two nights dropping to low temperatures we thought it might be a tricky day.

Roger Phillips drew peg 8 on Emily’s Lake and set loads of rigs up but ended up using two. Rotating his right margin and short shallow seemed to be the perfect combination weighing 479lb 12oz! For a new personal best match weight and a new venue record!

Samuel Robinson drew peg 2 on Emily’s Lake and started on his mudline on the far bank, then worked his way back to finish in his right margin to weigh 151lb 3oz for second place.

Stuart Bradford drew peg 10 on Marks Lake and also fished long pole to the island before finishing in his right margin to weigh in 114lb 7oz for third place!

Fred Hunt took silvers with a lovely Chub and a Barbel along with a load of Roach/Rudd weighing 9lb 10oz.

Special mention for Dennis Gowlett who also got a new personal best match weight of 102lb 7oz.

Big thank you to Frazer for looking after us today and helping with weighing.

Next Match – Sunday 2nd October – Lawn Farm Fishery – Honeysuckle Lake.

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